Comment by: Gervaye
Your work is beautiful Laura. Congratulations on your upcoming show.

Comment by: Mark G
Your video was very inspiring as you talked about your development journey, style and painting process. Very sophisticated yet within the context of abstract expression of emotion. Technical skill combined with exploring your subconscious. Very cool.
Comment by: MJ
What a great command of color! These are beautiful, vibrant and commanding. I'm looking forward to viewing protraits of your child! someday.
Comment by: Sarah Colianni
Mrs. Hensley, I don't remember exactly how I was introduced to your website, but I thought it was so much fun to see some of the things you have created!! I especially LOVE "he was there"- It is phenomenal :D
Comment by: Brad Nuorala
Very impressive on many levels. I was really interested in your drawings. Expressive stroke making and strong color. You seem to be able to do your art and teach. I know how hard that is. Good for you and keep painting and drawing. I believe it makes you a better teacher as you walk the talk. Your former teacher, Brad
Comment by: Mark Halley
In my opinion, Laura Halley is one of the most inspiring, original, and thought-provoking artists of our time. It is so fun to peruse so many of your works. I will be happy to volunteer at your booth at the Uptown Art Fair or to assist in any other way towards promoting your art work.
Comment by: Pam Veilleux
What a rock star! I love your display of value. It reaches and conveys the importance of the subject.
Comment by: Patty McPherson
Great job---I love the colors you use.
Comment by: Marcia
LOVELY....You're my favorite ARTIST in the whole world!!
Comment by: Abby S
Fabulous! You are so talented....I'm so glad you are my friend. :)
Comment by: Jayme O.
Laura, Great website! I was so excited to finally get to see more of your work. You are an amazing talent!
Comment by: Jennifer Cieslak
I haven't had a chance to see much of your painitngs so this is great. I love the colors, textures and emotions invoked by your work. Thanks for sharing!
Comment by: Maria Torning
Laura - You are so talented! I am so impressed by all of your original artwork.
Comment by: Abby
Thanks for sending the link. Impressive website! It's nice to get a sense of your complete collections.
Comment by: Lynne Chance Peterson
I am very impressed. I like the way the pieces fade in and out as you browse them. I especially like the Oz series, but they are all wonderful. Thank you for sharing and best of luck. I hope to some day own a Halley of my own! Your Friend, Lynne

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