Laura Halley

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Series of panoramic, abstract acrylic paintings that are Halley's most recent exploration into finding balance. These paintings exhibit figurative imagery in yoga poses and expressive landscape components which symbolize the journey
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Each mini composition is just $45! Fun to combine and hang together or stand alone in its own smaller space. Great for gifts OR commission your own set!
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These artworks showcase a mature palette of color, displaying many layers of varying textures.  Many of these artworks are larger in scale and the compositions extend around the edges of the stretcher bars, allowing for a more contemporary exhibiting style (with the option of framing, for those who prefer).

Click to view more images from this portfolio Striking a Balance

This series of oil pastel drawings uses water to symbolize the ebb and flow of life. The intensity of trying to strike a balance is reflected in the increasing zoom into the water.

Click to view more images from this portfolio 50th & France Art Crawl
Window Display Contest with original artworks created for this event; this body of work is currently being created. Check back for images soon!
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Each of these pieces was created for a specific client inspired by and made to complement a specific setting. Laura Halley's works have been commissioned and made for both residential and commercial spaces. Pieces range in size based on the client's price range and customized to fit a specific space, if desired.

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Twin Cities Artists for Obama ~ Promise on the Horizon 

Artist Statement:

In the time leading up to the 2008 election, all I could help feeling was that we lived in a noisy place—the cacophony of a multitude of voices shouting in opposition to one another and at an administration that was guided by an unwarranted ego that was out of touch with the core of this country.  President Obama’s campaign filled us with an unbridled passion for change and the belief that one election could fulfill our need for hope.  The last four years haven’t been easy or any less noisy. President Obama has tried to reassemble a broken country and choreograph our march into a 21st century that was already well underway.  He has had to rebuild relationships abroad, remind our homeland of our greatest strengths, and fight for the basic core rights of all Americans.  Without continued support, work, and belief in the Obama administration, his plans for America—and our best hopes that go with him—will remain unrealized.  However, despite the chaos, noise, and darkness, there is, in fact, a path leading to the light on the horizon.  This work symbolizes our tumultuous journey during the last four years.  The chaos in the immediate foreground underscores the hard work that we’re presently undertaking together, and the path we’re seeking to forge to a stronger, brighter, more equitable America. A faint image of a woman’s mouth in the atmosphere, reminds us to listen to the voices of women as the opposition seeks to silence them, and an image of a praying man in the middle ground asks us to attend to the faith needed to undertake this challenge.  It is with hands united, prayers on our lips, and light in our eyes that we continue this pursuit of continued change and will work to achieve the promise on the horizon.  It is the journey that has united us. In exquisite numbers we will arrive at the long-awaited dawn, and we will be most triumphant, together.


Breast In Show ~ Someday My Pain Will Rock You

Laura Halley was selected to participate in this breast cancer fundraiser featuring painted breast casts by local artists! All artworks were auctioned off at the opening with full proceeds benefitting Keep A Breast and The Breast Cancer Awareness Association.

Click to view more images from this portfolio Intuitive Drawings

Each drawing in this series (and approach to creating) requires much time and attention from start to finish. These artworks each investigate a different theme, though are approached in much the same manner, from an intuitive state of mind.  Many of the drawings are larger in scale.

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Music is my main force. The ongoing goal is to allow my subconscious to drive my artwork. I have found that the tensions, melodies and harmonies allow my mind to slip into a subconscious state, allowing for a truly expressive stroke. This collection of artworks exhibit rhythm through use of line and colors, which imitates the music I’ve chosen, allowing each work to breathe on its own. When looking at these drawings, it is my intention that the viewers will hear music, feel the vibrations, the harmonies, and imagine their own lyrics, finding an escape into their own subconscious.

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After living in and travelling around Australia for six months I created this series of landscapes as a tribute to this complex country.  Each artwork represents the various terrain, people, indigenous stories and beliefs through exaggerated color and textures.